Jamey Whetstone

Manifesto! CEO and Winemaker Jamey Whetstone grew up in the deep, deep Southeast. Before his restaurant career could grind all the sweet edge off life—like surfing and, well, living—Jamey quit and turned his enthusiasm for wine into a life where working and passionate edge are one in the same. From the bottom rung as a "cellar rat" at Turley Wine Cellars, Jamey quickly found his footing in the wine world. He became assistant winemaker at Turley, worked at one of Burgundy's leading wine houses, Domaine Dujac, planted 30 acres of hillside vineyard, learned Spanish, and founded Whetstone Wine Cellars and Whetstone Consulting. Then, because he had too much time on his hands—not likely—or because he wanted to make great wine that everyone could afford, he co-founded Manifesto!. Talk about some sweet edge…

Henri Gabriel

Manifesto! Co-founder Henri Gabriel grew up in his family's French restaurant. Introduced to wine at age 12, he first tended the wine cellar and then became wine buyer. After college in Wilmington, N.C., he helped launch The London Wine Man of South Carolina and later Advintage Fine Wine Distributing. Speaking of launching, have you seen him ride a skateboard in—or, actually, above—a half-pipe lately? Our money's on him if there's a challenge. Along the way he managed to fall in love with surfing and hit the road, following his very own endless summer to New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. Luckily, as Henri—the ol' knock-around wave rider and wine drinker that he is—says, "Wherever great wines grow, great waves are breaking close by."

Peter Roy

"Mr. Connection" Peter Roy has been a leader in the natural and organic products industry for more than 30 years. Actually, he's been doing that since not long after he emerged a blissed out hippie from the Summer of Love. Now he more often finds himself loving start-ups and interesting people like the Manifesto! team. In addition to working with Manifesto!, Peter is on the boards of United Natural Foods, Applegate Farms and Next Foods. His roots in the organic foods industry run deep. He was president of Whole Foods Market until 1999 and has served on the boards of Stonyfield Farms, White Wave Soy Products, Traditional Medicinals, Avalon Natural Products and Naked Juice. He is also a former trustee and chairman of the National Outdoor Leadership School. Peter co-authored of The Book of Hard Choices. Oh, and he doesn't surf—but he might yet.